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Welcome & Bienvenue

Hello There!  Thankyou for stopping by to check out my blog at theFishTree.com

My name is Naomi and I’m a Sewing Enthuasist and mum to 2 fantastic little boys.  As a busy Irish ‘Mammy’ and wife living in France I’ve come to love the blend of Irish and French Culture that has become my life.

That’s me! with my Mum and Grandmother Picking Peas

Growing up, I sat and watched my own Mother and Grandmothers sewing and knitting. However, they did so much more than stitch fabric or mend clothes.  They created wonderful costumes for school plays, tents for the garden, fixed our damaged teddies and our little hearts at the same time.

When the girls at the local sewing association ‘Bobines & Bambins’ taught me how to use all the functionality on my sewing machine and how to read a pattern, then a world of possibilities opened up to me.  By reading other blogs, going to craft and fabric expos and an inspiring meeting with a great creative coach, Sophie-Charlotte Chapman, I knew that I had to start making and sharing my creations.

A special ‘thank you’ to my little sister, best friend and genius, Barbara at themarketingcapsule.com who put together this cool blog for me.  I’m very lucky to have my wonderful husband too who is always encouraging me …and still waiting for me to sew something for him too!

Sewing is stitched into my life and I hope you’ll feel that passion in my work.  Will I succeed in encouraging you too to start making your own memories? Let me know.

Just take it, ‘one stitch at a time’.

Happy reading.







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