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Thanks to a very well described tutorial by Lisa Lam, I was able to put these snap coin purses together.

It was a bit of a treat for me too because I had one of these when I was young. Naturally it had to be made and tested ! So what’s your verdict? Is this out of fashion or are you dying to try that snap mechanism ?


Que le blogosphère est riche ! Quand je suis tombé sur ce tutoriel chez U-handbag, j’ai sauté dessus car j’avais un petit porte monnaie comme ça quand j’étais petite. Il fallait donc l’essayer et je n’ai pas été déçue.  Merci Lisa Lam pour ce tuto de trésor! Alors qu’en pensez-vous? Est-ce démodé où avez-vous envie d’appuyer sur les côtés comme un enfant ?


J’ai crée ce sac sur mesure pour une bonne copine qui avait besoin de quelque chose de spécifique pour ses partitions de musique, puisqu’elles ne sont pas du format standard A4.  L’extérieur est en toile enduit intitulé le ‘Charming Frog Prince’. J’ai doublé l’intérieur avec un tissu de pois irisé vu au Salon Marie Claire Idées samedi dernier chez la fabuleuse Linna Morata. Je dois dire que j’ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à coudre ce sac pour deux raisons, la première c’est d’avoir trouvé la bonne association pour les tissus extérieur/intérieur, la deuxième c’est de voir réussir la projet car il s’agit d’un patron fait maison et sur mesure!

This is a custom made bag for a very good friend who needed something for her  sheet music. I always assumed that sheet music was on the standard A4 format but not so. Hence the requirement for something specific. The exterior is a cotton laminate called the ‘Charming Frog Prince’ and the lining is an iridescent dot sold by wonderful Linna Morata at the Marie Claire Idées Craft Fair in Paris last weekend. Half of the pleasure in sewing is choosing and associating the right fabrics and I think that this association works. The other half of the pleasure is the actual sewing and seeing the project come together. This was particularly satisfying because it was a first time design too. I’m glad that I made a pattern as I was going along as I think that it could be the first of many to be made!



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For those that have a sweet tooth but have the stamina to look at and not dive into, here is a little zipper pouch using the same cake themed laminated cotton as the covered Lever Arch file. In my case ‘looking at’ cakes and sweet things is often too much temptation. Actually I’m just going to put on the kettle and have a cuppa with a small biscuit !

N’y a t’il rien d’autre  qui a vraiment besoin d’être habillé que le classeur blanc ‘Lever Arch’ ? Voilà ma version en route pour l’Irlande afin d’égayer un stand de marché de Noel.

Is there nothing more in need of decoration than the typical Lever Arch file ? Here is one that I’ve tried to bring a bit of life to.  This is laminated cotton on the outside and standard cotton on the inside.


Nov 20



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My son was welcomed with open arms into a brand new creche back in September. The building is state of the art for little people but really needed a bit of decoration, so this was my contribution. The fabric is from Michael Miller and the design name is ‘Retro Fun’ so how could I resist choosing this fabric.